A neighborhood council is an organized group of stakeholders in the community (residents – both renters and owners, business people, employees, students and other individuals with direct ties to the area) that serves as an advisory to the city. As representatives of the community, the neighborhood council allows both the community and city to be informed of its issues and needs, and ultimately creates a better sense of community and improves the quality of life in the area. Neighborhood councils also receive $45,000 a year from the City of Los Angeles for community improvements, projects and expenses. The City of Los Angeles has a system of over 80 certified neighborhood councils.

Essentially, a neighborhood council is a forum for neighbors to meet, discuss the issues that concern them and work together to make the neighborhood better. The East Hollywood Neighborhood Council has a tradition of openness and involvement in the community. Neighborhood councils are an experiment in government coming up from the people in the community rather than down from City Hall. A neighborhood council is only as effective as the neighbors who choose to become involved.