What is a Neighborhood Council?2022-07-02T09:46:42-07:00

A neighborhood council is an organized group of stakeholders in the community (residents – both renters and owners, business people, employees, students and other individuals with direct ties to the area) that serves as an advisory to the city. As representatives of the community, the neighborhood council allows both the community and city to be informed of its issues and needs, and ultimately creates a better sense of community and improves the quality of life in the area. Neighborhood councils also receive $45,000 a year from the City of Los Angeles for community improvements, projects and expenses. The City of Los Angeles has a system of over 80 certified neighborhood councils.

Essentially, a neighborhood council is a forum for neighbors to meet, discuss the issues that concern them and work together to make the neighborhood better. The East Hollywood Neighborhood Council has a tradition of openness and involvement in the community. Neighborhood councils are an experiment in government coming up from the people in the community rather than down from City Hall. A neighborhood council is only as effective as the neighbors who choose to become involved.

What do you do?2022-07-02T09:47:46-07:00

We connect neighbors to neighbors, the Los Angeles Police Department, and City government. The purpose of the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council is:

1. To contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in the East Hollywood community;

2. To encourage dialog, interaction and cooperation among East Hollywood’s diverse ethnic groups;

3. To promote public participation in City governance and decision making processes so that government is more responsive to local needs and requests;

4. To facilitate the delivery of City services and City government responses to East Hollywood’s problems and requests for assistance;

5. To foster a sense of community for all people to express ideas and opinions about their neighborhood and government;

6. To develop relationships with other communities and neighborhood councils on common issues.

We do these in a variety of ways, from providing forums to speak to your local police officer, to drafting letters to the city government, to supporting projects in the neighborhood, to organizing all-community events. This is a forum to get neighborhood support for the projects you want to see done, to find resolutions to issues, and to dialog with other neighbors, neighborhoods, the City government.

Where is East Hollywood?2022-07-02T09:48:02-07:00

East Hollywood is a 1.8 square-mile community in the city of Los Angeles surrounded by central Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silver Lake and Koreatown. It is bordered by Hollywood and Sunset boulevards to the north, Hoover St to the east, the 101 Freeway to the south and Western Ave to the west. East Hollywood includes landmarks such as the Los Angeles City College, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, the Bicycle Kitchen, Barnsdall Park, and several Red Line Metro stops. Our neighboring neighborhood councils include Greater Griffith Park neighborhood council to the north, Silverlake neighborhood council to the east, Wilshire Center-Koreatown Neighborhood Council to the south, Rampart Village Neighborhood Council to the southeast, and Hollywood Studio District Neighborhood Council to the west.

Am I a stakeholder? What is a “stakeholder”?2022-07-02T09:48:22-07:00

Do you care at all about East Hollywood? Then you’re a stakeholder!

Our “technical” definition of a stakeholder is anyone who:

Lives in the EHNC Boundary Area.
Works in the EHNC Boundary Area.
Owns property in the EHNC Boundary Area.
Attends school in the EHNC Boundary Area.
Is a member of a faith-based organization in the EHNC Boundary Area.
Is a staff or board member of a community-based, 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides services within the EHNC Boundary Area.
Even if you do not fall into one of those categories, you are more than welcome to be part of the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council. The East Hollywood Neighborhood Council works with all people who are interested in making East Hollywood a better neighborhood, so feel free to come join us!

The East Hollywood Neighborhood Council has a reputation City-wide for inclusiveness and creativity. If you care about Los Angeles, the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council welcomes you into our community.

When and where do you meet?2022-07-02T09:48:52-07:00

Visit our Calendar Page to view upcoming meeting dates and locations.

Can I go to meetings? Can I say something at the meeting?2022-07-02T09:49:07-07:00

All meetings of the East Hollywood neighborhood council are open to the public (and are forthe public!), including our monthly general meeting and all of our committee meetings. Everyone is encouraged to attend our meetings! Each general and council meeting has a time for public comment at the beginning of the meeting, so there is always a chance for you to bring issues or questions before the council. If there is a specific issue or proposal you would like brought before the council or a committee, it is best to get on the meeting’s agenda. Click here for contact information to get on an agenda.

Are meetings translated?2022-07-02T09:49:19-07:00

All meetings can be translated into Spanish, Armenian, Thai and Korean. If you need translation services at any of our meetings, please contact the Executive Committee at least 2 days in advance at email hidden; JavaScript is required. If you need translation services for a language not listed here please let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate.

How do I get involved?2022-07-02T09:49:37-07:00

If you have some ideas of what you would specifically like to get involved in, see “Who Do I Contact?” below. If you want to get involved but are unsure of what you can get involved in, come to one of our monthly general meetings (see calendar here) and see what we’re currently working on. Also consider joining one of our committees (see “What committees do you have?” below) in an area of interest. Committee members include both elected governing board members and stakeholders in the neighborhood, so you can join one of our committees as a member or simply come to the meetings to get started. You can also get involved by checking out our calendar of events and signing up for our newsletter, and come out to an event in East Hollywood, such as a neighborhood clean up or arts event. Finally, feel free to contact your district representative for some more ideas.

Who are the members of the council?2022-07-02T09:49:52-07:00

All those who join in the activities of the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council are part of the council! The East Hollywood Neighborhood Council is led by the governing board, a group of up to eighteen representatives, elected every two years by East Hollywood stakeholders. To meet the current neighborhood council governing board, click here. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to hear about upcoming elections or running for the next governing board!

What committees do you have?2022-07-02T09:50:24-07:00

Current East Hollywood Neighborhood Council meetings include:

Executive Committee Duties include but are not limited to overseeing and carrying on the day to day activities of the EHNC; assist all Board Members in adhering to all mandates as prescribed by local, state and federal law. The executive committee is composed of the Officers of the EHNC Governing Board. For the full list of council officers, go here.

Outreach Committee: Duties include but are not limited to participating in community wide activities planned either by the Board or community organizations and formulating plans on outreach activities. The goal of the outreach committee is to inform and connect the neighborhood with the neighborhood council.

Budget and Finance Committee: Duties include but are not limited to reviewing the annual budget and proposed expenditures, reporting to the Board on the EHNC financial status upon request, but no fewer than on an annual basis.

Youth and Education Committee: Duties include but are not limited to exploring activities for the betterment of the youth and advocating the issues of youth in EHNC.

Planning and Entitlements Committee: Duties include but are not limited to reviewing plans for proposed development in East Hollywood and ensuring compliance with all the relevant zoning laws.

Design Review and Beautification Committee: Duties include but are not limited to reviewing the design elements of proposed developments in East Hollywood, making recommendations to bring such developments in line with the priorities of East Hollywood and exploring and reviewing issues which affect the quality of life in EHNC.

Information Technology Committee:Seeks to serve the neighborhood council by providing technical assistance and facilitating communication with the neighborhood through the internet, including the EHNC website and calendars.

Arts and Culture Committee: Seeks to serve East Hollywood by promoting the arts and cultural events and planning and sponsoring art and culture events.

Public Health Committee: Seeks to promote the health and well-being of all East Hollywood stakeholders; works closely with the healthcare providers in East Hollywood to bring needed services to the residents of the community.

Public Safety Committee: Seeks to promote public safety in East Hollywood by bringing concerns to the Los Angeles Police department and Los Angeles City government and providing programs that promote health or preventative safety.

Business and Economic Development Committee: Works with local businesses and developers for the economic development of East Hollywood, addresses concerns of local businesses, and works to support East Hollywood businesses and entrepreneurs.

Click here for a calendar of EHNC committee meetings. Click here to find contact information for each committee.

Who do I contact?2022-07-02T09:50:44-07:00

A great place to start is to consider if one of the committees can address your question, issue, or idea, and then contact that committee. You can also contact your district representative if you live or own a business in East Hollywood, or if your concern or question addresses a specific location or area. If you have a general question or do not know where to bring your concern or idea, email email hidden; JavaScript is required and we’ll direct you to the write committee meeting, neighborhood council representative, or forum.

What can we do? What can we not do?2022-07-02T09:50:59-07:00

The East Hollywood Neighborhood Council acts primarily as a forum for community issues and a liaison between the community and City government. If you have a specific issue, the best way to get the Neighborhood Council involved is to go to the web site and find a committee dedicated to your issue. Contact that committee and get your issue placed on the agenda. Since the Neighborhood Council is a relatively small, grassroots organization, gaining access to the neighborhood council is relatively easy. If what you want is to start a conversation in the community about an issue of concern to you, the easiest way to do that is come to a meeting of the EHNC and let us know about your concerns.

What events are coming up?2022-07-02T09:51:15-07:00

To find out what events are coming up in East Hollywood, see our calendar here.

What big issues and projects are you currently working on?2022-07-02T09:51:29-07:00

The East Hollywood Neighborhood Council is committed to the ongoing project of cleaning up our neighborhood, the annual ArtCycle, making East Hollywood bicycle and pedestrian friendly neighborhood, partnering with other neighborhood organizations to put on neighborhood events, and working with the local LAPD. To find out what we’ve been doing over the past few months, check out our monthly minutes.

What did you talk about at our last meeting?2022-07-02T09:51:45-07:00

Click here for the minutes from past EHNC meetings.

Still unsure of who to talk to?2022-07-02T09:52:09-07:00

Who to talk to about your ideas, concerns, issues, or questions? Email email hidden; JavaScript is requiredt and we’ll direct you to the write committee meeting, neighborhood council representative, or forum.

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