Calling All Artists: Utility Box Mural Program


The East Hollywood Neighborhood Council Arts & Culture Committee is proud to announce the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council Utility Box Mural Program. In partnership with Council District 13, we are excited to offer this opportunity to support local creatives to decorate utility boxes while enhancing our streets and public spaces.

Artists (individual or teams) can apply for a microgrant of $250 per box by submitting a design proposal to email hidden; JavaScript is required. Please see application details below.


  • Please closely read the Policy for Decorative Displays on Signal Cabinets Guidelines from LADOT.
  • Select a utility box located within East Hollywood Neighborhood Council boundaries. Map of Utility Box Locations in East Hollywood available here.
  • Sketch your design on the traffic box template.
  • Each mural design must include identifying text at the base of the utility box reading:
    • City of Los Angeles & East Hollywood Neighborhood Council @easthollywoodnc
    • Additional sides of the utility box base may contact artist(s)’s name and handle
  • Please send your art design submission to email hidden; JavaScript is required
    • Include your name, email, phone number, and your affiliation with East Hollywood.
    • Please include the desired location for your utility box mural from this Google map.
    • Please indicate if you are applying for the $250 micro grant and thus agree to additional requirements OR are applying to paint the box without EHNC funding.

**Please note** if you would like to be considered for the $250 microgrant, and should your design proposal be accepted, you will be asked to provide the following:

  • A W-9
  • An itemized invoice made out to East Hollywood Neighborhood Council for $250
  • You may be approached for additional information as part of EHNC submitting Department of Transportation DOT Authorization and Department of Cultural Affairs DCA Authorization in advance of release of your payment by the LA City Office of Finance. Payment may take up to 90 days to issue. EHNC board members will work as hard as possible to advocate for timely processing of your invoice. Your patience and understanding are appreciated.


  • For this first round, EHNC has approval to fund five (5) boxes at $250 each. We will consider approving one box per artist per round of the program.
  • Designs should be community appropriate. Please submit designs that are generally positive in nature, uplifting, or non-offensive. Refer to the LADOT policy above for further details.
    We are especially interested in proposals that are inspired by the unique culture and history of East Hollywood.
  • Submissions will remain open until plans have been selected and accepted for all five boxes. All design submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis by the EHNC Arts & Culture Committee, which meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm.
  • Murals must be completed using paint (acrylic, artfully applied spray paint, etc). Designs using posters, stickers, or other methods of painting will be less likely to receive approval.
  • Please note:
    • Utility boxes are a public space owned by the City and thus final designs approved by EHNC or Council District 13 may not be approved by DOT.
    • If the desired box location has already been designated for another artist, EHNC Arts & Culture Committee may suggest an alternate box location.
    • If your mural is graffitied, our office will reach out to you to give you an opportunity to repair the box. If you are not able to or willing to, the box will have to be painted over and new art may be applied.

Guidelines from LADOT
Map of Utility Box Locations in East Hollywood

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:
Jillian Schultz
Arts & Culture Committee Co-Chair
Vice President, East Hollywood Neighborhood Council
email hidden; JavaScript is required


LA County Helps Residents Breathe

LA County Helps Residents Breathe

LA County Helps Residents Breathe

The application process for the County’s Guaranteed Income Program begins March 31st

Los Angeles County is launching Breathe to provide its residents the chance to “breathe” easier knowing they are more financially secure. Breathe is a guaranteed income project that will provide 1,000 eligible residents with $1,000 per month for three years. While the benefits of guaranteed income programs have been documented, this will also be an independent research project that will be used to study the effects of this type of program so that the County and other jurisdictions can learn about the project’s impact on the economic stability of participants, as well as its impact on participants’ overall health and well-being. Early research suggests that a Guaranteed Income program can provide households with financial stability during sharp economic swings to breathe a little easier, alleviate stress, and broaden recipients’ horizons, allowing them the time to complete deferred education and job training, as well as plans to fully participate in their communities. Importantly, these programs come without the scrutiny and work requirements of certain public benefits.

To be eligible for this project, you must meet all of these requirements:
· Be 18 years of age or older
· Have a household income that falls at or below 100% of the County’s AMI (see Eligibility Map), for a single person household, or have a household income that falls at or below 120% of the County’s AMI for households with two or more persons (see Income Eligibility Table)
· Have been negatively financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic
· Not be currently enrolled in another Guaranteed Income project offered by the County, a city, or other public or private entity

Note: Only one person will be eligible to participate in the project per household.
The application will be available on the website between March 31st and April 13th:


New Trees Planned for East Hollywood

trees and sky

New Trees in East Hollywood (Ongoing Project)  In partnership with LABT and LASAN (Los Angeles Beautification Team), Councilmember O’Farrell’s office is looking to install new trees in East Hollywood. Funding for this project includes curb cuts and three years of watering maintenance. The proposed locations would need to be assessed for feasibility. The proposed locations are:

  • Normandie Avenue from Clinton Street to Santa Monica Blvd. 
  • Burns Ave from Virgil Avenue to Hoover Street 
  • Willow Brook Ave from Virgil Avenue to Hoover Street 
  • Lockwood Ave from Virgil Avenue to Hoover Street 
  • Monroe Ave from Virgil Avenue to Hoover Street 
  • Marathon Ave from Virgil Avenue to Hoover Street 
  • Heliotrope from Willow Brook Ave to Lexington Ave (Additional location) 
  • New Hampshire Ave at Santa Monica Blvd (Additional location)

UPDATE: LABT and LASAN have confirmed that new trees can be planted at all of the above locations. CD13 is in the process of identifying funding for these improvements. A timeline for installation is contingent on funding.

Get updates on more Council District 13 News: January February East Hollywood Field Report

Save Energy Win Money Workshop

Save Energy win money

In partnership with LADWP, LAEVI is offering free monthly workshops on permaculture and energy saving tips. Participants can earn $$$ and gifts. Every month is an opportunity to:

  • learn about the Los Angeles Eco-Village demonstration project
  • learn more about permaculutre in an urban environment
  • participate in our Save Energy & Win Money Giveaway
  • share your energy and water conservation tips
  • get assistance with LADWP rebates
  • ask someone if you qualify for reduced utility rates

**LAEVI is a project of CRSP, a nonprofit tax exempt 501.c.3 organization which is an education, outreach, development and demonstration center for people who want to be part of resilient and regenerative communities

​​The next workshop is on Zoom, Saturday March 26th from 1 to 2pm. Spanish interpretation is always provided. The registration link for all of our upcoming workshops is:

You can direct any questions you may have to Los Angeles Ecovillage Institute at 213-738-1254 or email hidden; JavaScript is required or visit our website at

Grants for LA Businesses

The second round of financial assistance for small businesses in Los Angeles is now open! To apply, click here.

The City of Los Angeles allocated American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to provide grants to eligible microenterprises and small businesses in need of economic support due to business interruptions or business closures suffered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Comeback Checks Program will provide $5,000 grants to approximately 5,000 businesses in the City of Los Angeles. Grant recipients will be selected through a weighted lottery process, with final award recommendations based on the availability of funds, program guidelines, submission of all required information, and supporting documentation.

Grant funds may only be used for allowable costs incurred on or after March 3, 2021.


There are three business types that are eligible for the Comeback Checks grant program. They include:

1. Microenterprises:
small businesses with five (5) employees or less, including the owner(s), with less than $100 thousand in annual gross revenue

2. Small Businesses:
businesses with less than $1 million in annual gross revenue

3. Small to Medium Businesses:
businesses with have yearly gross revenues between $1,000,000 and $5,000,000 in the most recent tax return

Update from Supervisor Kuehl

We hope the below information is helpful to you:

Click on the image for the full update

thumbnail of Update from office of Supervisor Kuehl Week of November 15th, 2021

The NAMI WLA Crisis Counseling Program

The National Alliance on Mental Illness WLA Crisis Counseling Program (CCP) warm line was recently opened as a part of the FEMA and CalMHSA response to COVID-19, connecting callers to English and Spanish speaking counselors who will listen with compassion and without judgement, refer callers to supportive resources, and empower individuals to become advocates for their own mental health.

Wi-Fi for Students

The Youth Hot Spot Program is an extraordinary initiative providing 100GB per year of free internet service for the next five years for up to 18,000 students in Los Angeles who are struggling to stay connected online to classes and essential support services.

You can request one through the Angeleno Connectivity Trust (ACT) Program. The hotspot is free, and there’s no financial obligation.

For information on our other hot spot program, Tech2Go, you may use the following link:

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