Neighbors Joining Neighbors to Make East Hollywood Better

Open Seats

Interested in Joining the Neighborhood Council?

Application Deadline is June 30th

The following seats are available: District 2 Representative, Arts & Cultures Representative, Faith Based Representative, Student Representative, Youth Representative, Homelessness and Displacement Prevention Representative


The East Hollywood Neighborhood Council is a local group serving the community, providing neighborhood support to resolve issues, and connecting community members with the Los Angeles City government. 

Have a specific issue? We have dedicated committees to speak with, meetings for you attend, and people ready to hear you. And if you’re not sure who to talk with, we’re always at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

18 Board Members

Elected by You!

Neighborhood Purpose Grants

Neighborhood Councils can provide grants to 501(c)(3) non-profits as well as public schools that will benefit the community and public purpose.