Joint Outreach and Homelessness & Displacement Prevention Committee Meeting — December 2020

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Via Phone: (669) 900-6833
Meeting ID: 920 3050 1210

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  1. Call to Order
  2. Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items
  3. Roll Call 
  4. Action Items
    1. Outreach Committee
      1. Update on Produce Box Event. (Suarez)
      2. Update on pending assignments:
        1. Volunteer Directory (Gregory)
        2. Non Profit Directory (Gregory)
        3. Small Business Directory (Acevedo)
      3. Social Media (Acevedo & Torrez)
        1. Website
        2. Twitter
        3. Instagram
        4. Facebook
        5. Newsletter
      4. DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION: Printing fliers for next produce box event with local resources for stakeholders when we run out of boxes. (Maloney)
      5. Community Days 12/22 with THE HOPE CENTER & partners at Reality LA Church (Acevedo)
      6. Update on Candidate informational Session. (Suarez)
      7. Update on Candidate filing. (Suarez)
      8. DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION:: Social media and outreach strategies regarding the 2021 NC elections and status of Facebook and Instagram advertising. (Suarez) 
      9. DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION: Newspaper advertising: LACC, Eastsider, and Los Feliz Ledger. (Suarez)
      10. DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION:: on identifying 3rd party outreach Strategies regarding candidate filing. (Suarez)
      11. Next Steps for Elections 2021. (Suarez)
      12. Old or New Business
    2. Homelessness and Displacement Prevention Committee
      1. DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION:  Regarding opportunities to inform residents about (Scott)
      2. DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION: CF 18-1246 Vacation Rentals in Non-Primary Homes / Ordinancen (Maloney)
      3. DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION: CF 20-1314 Transit Oriented Communities (TOC) Affordable Housing Incentive Program / Guidelines / Land Use Regulatory Control Revisions (Maloney)
      4. Old or New Business

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