Governing Board Meeting — June 2021

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Meeting ID: 928 0565 8816

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  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items
  4. Community Report (5 min per item)
    1. LAPD Report
    2. Neighborhood Prosecutor
    3. Budget Advocate Report
    4. CD 13 Report, Office of Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, George Hakopiants
    5. City of LA Report, Office of Mayor Eric Garcett, Angie Aramayo
    6. CA Assembly District 43 Report, Assemblymember Laura Friedman, Seamus Garrity
    7. LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, Erin Seinfeld
    8. Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, Jose Galdamez
    9. Los Angeles Public Library – Cahuenga Library, Jacqueline Welsh
  5. Community Voices (2 min per item)
    1. Thai CDC Update
    2. East Hollywood Bid (Jeff Zarrinnam)
    3. Route 66 BID (Jeff Zarrinnam)
    4. Hollywood Western BID (Jeff Zarrinam)
    5. Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (Jeff Zarrinnam)
  6. Committee Reports (1 min per item)
    1. Ad Hoc LGBTQ+ Allies (Summers)
    2. Arts & Culture (Schultz)
    3. Budget & Finance (Bennett)
    4. Business (Zarrinnam)
    5. By Law, Ethics & Standing Rules (Schultz)
    6. Executive Committee (Suarez)
    7. Homelessness & Displacement Prevention (Maloney)
    8. Outreach (Poturyan)
    9. Planning & Land Use Management (Marquis)
    10. Public Health, Safety & Sustainability (Marquis)
    11. Youth & Education (Poturyan)
  7. Budget Update
    1. April 2021 MER (Bennett)
    2. May 2021 MER (Bennett)
  8. Action Items
    1. Consent Agenda Item:
      1. Motion: Appoint Christopher Martinez as a member of the Business Committee (Zarrinnam)
      2. Motion: Appoint Nina Suarez as a member of the Budget & Finance Committee (Suarez)
      3. Motion: Appoint Doug Haines as a member of the Business Committee (Zarrinnam)
      4. Motion:: Appoint Alejandro Pina as a member of the EHNC Arts & Culture committee (Schultz)
      5. Motion: CIS in support of Council File 21-0002-S66 SB 739 (Cortese) / California Universal Basic
        Income for Transition Age Youth / Pilot Program / Foster Care System (Poturyan)
      6. Motion: to host joint Youth & Education and Outreach committee meetings on the fourth
        Wednesday of each month (Poturyan)
      7. Motion: Approve CIS opposing Motion to rescind CF 20-0147 as amended by motion 72-P-A
        relative to suspending enforcement of the provision of 56.11 that requires tents to come down during daytime hours, as amended to include a recommendation to continue the suspension of this enforcement until more humane solutions to the problem are implemented in full (see: CF 21-0031 as amended on 4/20/2021). (Elias Nava)
      8. Motion: Approve RFI to assembly member Laura Friedman in support of AB854 (Maloney)
      9. Motion: Approve CIS in support with additions of CF-19-1127 (Maloney)
      10. Motion: CIS in support of CF 21-0002-S83 – a motion for the City of Los Angeles to adopt a
        resolution of support for AB 1400 (Kalra) / California Guaranteed Health Care for All Program (CalCare) / Universal Single-Payer Health Care Coverage / Health Care Cost Control System. The bill would establish a single payer healthcare system in the State of California (Elias Nava).
    2. Discussion and possible action: regarding approval of Youth & Education Committee’s suggestions for Teacher Recognition certificate recipients (Poturyan)
    3. Discussion and possible action: regarding expiration of board members’ required training through DONE (Schultz)
    4. Discussion and possible action: regarding resignation of Jeff Maloney as Homelessness and Displacement Prevention Representative for the EHNC (Maloney)
  9. Board member updates & announcements
    1. Produce Box Event (Suarez)
    2. Electric Vehicle Workshop
    3. Update: Vacant board seats (Suarez)
  10. Adjournment

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