Governing Board Meeting — February 2021

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Meeting ID: 928 0565 8816

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  1. Call to Order
  2. Welcome 
  3. Roll Call
  4. Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items
  5. Community Report (5 min per item, unless otherwise noted) 
    1. Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Presentation on COVID-19 vaccine, Armen Terbarsegyan (15 minutes) 
    2. LAPD Report 
    3. Neighborhood Prosecutor
    4. Budget Advocate February Report, Jack Humphryville 
    5. CD 13 Report, Office of Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, George Hakopiants
    6. City of LA Report, Office of Mayor Eric Garcett, Angie Aramayo
    7. CA Assembly District 43 Report, Assemblymember Laura Friedman, Seamus Garrity
    8. LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, Erin Seinfeld
  6. Community Voices (2 min per item)
    1. Thai CDC Update
    2. East Hollywood Bid (Jeff Zarrinnam)
    3. Route 66 BID (Jeff Zarrinnam)
    4. Hollywood / Western BID (Jeff Zarrinam)
    5. Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (Jeff Zarrinnam)
  7. Committee Reports (1 min per item)
    1. Arts & Culture (Campbell) 
    2. Budget & Finance (Pardo)
    3. Business (Zarrinnam)
    4. ByLaws, Ethics & Standing Rules (Strongman)
    5. Executive Committee (Suarez)
    6. Homelessness & Displacement Prevent (Maloney)
    7. Outreach (Gregory)
    8. Planning & Land Use Management (Suzmeyan)
    9. Public Health, Safety & Sustainability (Suzmeyan)
    10. Youth & Education (Altobar)
  8. Budget Update (Pardo)
    1. December 2020 MER
    2. January 2021 MER 
  9. Action Items
  10. Consent Agenda Items: (Unless someone states no to any of the items)
    1. MOTION: Approval of EHNC Governing Board Minutes for November, December, and January (Suarez)
    2. MOTION: Add Jillian Schultz and Jeffrey Maloney as members of Ad-Hoc LGBTQ+ Allies Committee (Summers) 
    3. MOTION: CIS in support of Council File 20-0990 IF AMENDED re: requirement that all neighborhood councils have training relating to gender identity and expression as opposed to after a transgender stakeholder or board member transitions or has made it known their pronouns/name has changed (Summers/Schultz) 
    4. MOTION: CIS in support of Council File 20-0600 on City Pensions as recommended by Budget Advocates (Humphryville) 
    5. MOTION: CIS in support of Cannabis Enforcement recommended by Budget Advocates (Humphryville) 
    6. MOTION: CIS in support of Discretionary Funds recommended by Budget Advocates (Humphryville) 
    7. MOTION: CIS in support of CF 20-0600 to the CAO, the City’s Budget and Finance Committee, the City Council and the Mayor (Humphryville) 
    8. MOTION: CIS in support of Council File 20-0002-S30: Metro’s Fareless System Initiative (Schultz)
    9. MOTION: Appoint Skylar Summers as an EHNC data liaison (Suarez)
    10. MOTION: Approval of EHNC partnership on “Making Our Neighborhood: Redlining, Gentrification and Housing Panel Series” on March 4, 11, and 18 at 6pm (Suarez) 
    11. MOTION: Approval Day of Hope event on Tuesday, February 23 from 10am-3pm in partnership with the Hope Center, Care Packs LA, San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission, Stardust Salon, and Immigrant Charitable Foundation (Suarez) 
    12. MOTION: CIS in support of Council File: 20-1042: City Zoning Code Update / Ballot Measure (Maloney)
    13. MOTION: CIS in support with recommendations of Council File: 21-0062: Renters Relief Registry / Ranking System / Transparent / Equitable / Housing Assistance (Maloney) 
    14. MOTION: CIS in support with recommendations of Council File: 21-0113: Project Roomkey Expansion / Interim Non-Congregate Shelters / Homeless Housing / Master Lease / Hotels, Motels, and Vacant Apartment Units / Authority to Commandeer / Public Health Emergency (Maloney) 
  11. Discussion and possible action regarding NPG application for up to $2500 submitted by Future Roots Inc to fund 2 podcast episodes that highlight metro bike share and East Hollywood (Pardo)
  12. Discussion and possible action regarding NPG application for up to $2000 submitted by Friends of Junior Arts Center to fund  Barnsdall Art Sunday Zoom events in 2021 (Pardo) 
  13. New/Old Business
  14. Adjournment  

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