Current East Hollywood Neighborhood Council meetings include:

Executive Committee Duties include but are not limited to overseeing and carrying on the day to day activities of the EHNC; assist all Board Members in adhering to all mandates as prescribed by local, state and federal law. The executive committee is composed of the Officers of the EHNC Governing Board. For the full list of council officers, go here.

Outreach Committee: Duties include but are not limited to participating in community wide activities planned either by the Board or community organizations and formulating plans on outreach activities. The goal of the outreach committee is to inform and connect the neighborhood with the neighborhood council.

Budget and Finance Committee: Duties include but are not limited to reviewing the annual budget and proposed expenditures, reporting to the Board on the EHNC financial status upon request, but no fewer than on an annual basis.

Youth and Education Committee: Duties include but are not limited to exploring activities for the betterment of the youth and advocating the issues of youth in EHNC.

Planning and Entitlements Committee: Duties include but are not limited to reviewing plans for proposed development in East Hollywood and ensuring compliance with all the relevant zoning laws.

Design Review and Beautification Committee: Duties include but are not limited to reviewing the design elements of proposed developments in East Hollywood, making recommendations to bring such developments in line with the priorities of East Hollywood and exploring and reviewing issues which affect the quality of life in EHNC.

Information Technology Committee:Seeks to serve the neighborhood council by providing technical assistance and facilitating communication with the neighborhood through the internet, including the EHNC website and calendars.

Arts and Culture Committee: Seeks to serve East Hollywood by promoting the arts and cultural events and planning and sponsoring art and culture events.

Public Health Committee: Seeks to promote the health and well-being of all East Hollywood stakeholders; works closely with the healthcare providers in East Hollywood to bring needed services to the residents of the community.

Public Safety Committee: Seeks to promote public safety in East Hollywood by bringing concerns to the Los Angeles Police department and Los Angeles City government and providing programs that promote health or preventative safety.

Business and Economic Development Committee: Works with local businesses and developers for the economic development of East Hollywood, addresses concerns of local businesses, and works to support East Hollywood businesses and entrepreneurs.

Click here for a calendar of EHNC committee meetings. Click here to find contact information for each committee.