From California Citizens Redistricting Commission

It’s L.A. County’s turn again at the next Community of Interest (COI) meeting, Thursday, August 12.

We appreciate all the input received thus far. Through your input, you help us draw the picture you want to see in the future. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard from the people who make up the vibrant communities of 

  • Central L.A. 
  • South L.A.
  • East L.A. 
  • West L.A.
  • Gateway Cities
  • South Bay 

We understand redistricting can be confusing, especially because cities and counties are also holding their own meetings. But we’re all affected by our congressional and state representation. Where the lines are drawn can make the difference on whether your community gets funding for transportation improvements, whether your area gets more parks, whether environmental justice concerns are addressed, if housing equity is improved, and so much more.

At this meeting, we’ll also be providing translation in Armenian, Spanish, Farsi and Khmer.

Slots have been filling up fast. People can reserve their time to speak here:

You can also submit input via the online COI tool, or by emailing email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Communities of Interest (COI) Input Meeting Thursday, August 12, 3p-7p
To give public comment please call:
(877)853-5247 Code: 912 4902 1623
(press *9 to get in queue)

Watch live:

To give COI input, simply:

  1. Begin with your county or city.
  2. Mention the street names and significant locations in your neighborhood to help us identify the parameters of your community.
  3. What are your shared interests?
  4. What brings you together?
  5. What is important to your community?
  6. Are there nearby areas you want to be in a district with?
  7. Nearby areas you don’t want to be in a district with? Why or why not?
  8. Has your community come together to advocate for important services, better schools, roads, or health centers in your neighborhood?