Barnsdall Business

EHNC Business Committee Update

Our East Hollywood Neighborhood Council Business Committee has been focused on reducing crime to make it safer for businesses to operate in our community. At our September 20, 2023 meeting we partnered with LAPD Senior Lead Officer Antonio Hernandez to understand the issues surrounding the Barnsdall Square Shopping Plaza which has more crime reports than anywhere else in East Hollywood. As a result of this meeting, we are asking:

  • LAPD to send more patrols to the area
  • For more patrols by the Crisis and Incident Response through Community – Led Engagement (CIRCLE) Program, which is an alternative response to non-emergency 911 calls involving homelessness. The current response has been such that they do not arrive in time to provide assistance.
  • CD 13 Homelessness Team to set up a resource booth to help the unhoused involved in recycling or coming from the Sunset Red Line Station. This may include a pilot program offering water and basic needs to connect people with case officers.

If these steps prove successful, then we want to deploy a similar strategy to the area with the second highest crime incidents, which is at Santa Monica and Vermont, also adjacent to a Metro stop.


Image from Google Streetview