Role: Corresponding Secretary

Seat: Property Owner Representative (2025)

Chair: Co-Chair of Arts & Cultures


Jillian is an LA-based producer and cultural organizer working on a range of creative projects at the international and local level. She is passionate about art as a catalyst for exchange, and fostering mutual understanding across cultures and within communities. She lived and worked in China for many years and is fluent in Mandarin. She is the Property Owner Representative and Vice President of EHNC, as well as the Co-Chair of the Arts & Culture Committee, Chair of the Bylaws, Ethics & Standing Rules Committee, and a member of the Public Health, Safety & Sustainability Committee and the Ad-Hoc LGBTQ+ Allies Committee. She is an organizer for the DSA-LA Neighborhood Solidarity Program, a member of the CD13 NC Alliance, Neighborhood Council Progressives Alliance, and the Streets4All Progressive Group. Jillian is dedicated to being of service to the East Hollywood community, advocating for greater equity from streets to schools to rental prices and beyond.