Past: Redlining, Internment, and Resilience

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A Zoom panel about redlining and inter-ethnic solidarity in East Hollywood, featuring a fourth generation Black resident, her Japanese-American neighbor, and life-long resident J.T. of Jimbo Times, moderated by journalist Samanta Helou Hernandez of This Side of Hoover.


Jimmy Recinos, Jimbo TimesJ.T. The L.A. Storyteller has published critical essays, short stories, poetry, and more for L.A. since 2014.

Karen Burch: A former resident of East Hollywood whose family settled in the area in 1892 and became close friends with their Japanese-American neighbors.

Takashi Hoshizaki: A resident of East Hollywood since the 1930’s whose family was helped by Karen Burch’s maternal grandparents, the Marshalls, during Japanese-American internment in WWII.


Samanta Helou Hernandez, This Side of Hoover: Samanta Helou Hernandez is a multimedia journalist and photographer covering culture, identity, and social issues. Her visual archive “This Side of Hoover” documents gentrification and resilience along the East Hollywood/Silverlake border.

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