hollyset area needs to be cleared of mini skid row set up next to the hospital parking lots.

district 3 hollyset area is becoming a nightmare. i live right up the street there are drug needles hookers trash everywhere and homeless camps set up behind vons and next to the hospital parking. the area will never be able to grow if the hospital engulfs the area with parking lots that are vacant at night which leads to people camping on the curbs and setting up a mini skid row because they know they will not be bothered. It is going from bad to worse at an alarming rate and it inhibits the growth of the area which is vital in linking silver lake los feliz and east hollywood together to potentially be a great walkable area that helps extend to sunset junction and future planned businesses along sunset. if this mini skid row is allowed to continue to grow at the rate is has in the last few months its going to be even tougher to keep safe and clean down the road. the longer we wait the worse it will get the more problems cleaning up the mess.

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