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sidewalks and parkways weeds and trash on Virgil / cross streets

Check out normal, burns, monroe etc ! one of the most wonderful streets in LA - Virgil Ave between Sm blvd and melrose- flanked by east west street residents and apartment owners and the city who leave their sidewalks and parkways littered with trash and weeds- Monroe! Normal! Burns! I dont understand why and how residents and the city dont do anything to beautify and green up these streets!!! Plant a tree! its good for our environment too!

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Where to Watch Wrestling WWE Smackdown 2018

Preview:WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns and WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz with Maryse commence SmackDown with an in-ring fragment. It closes with Miz endeavoring to assault and Reigns jump starting him out of the ring John Cena, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and the other WWE geniuses will return Tampa when "Smackdown" is held at Amalie Arena on Jan. 26. Tickets go marked down Oct. 16 for the occasion, which will be held two days after the Royal Rumble pay-per see. Different stars slated to show up incorporate Intercontinental champion Kevin Owens, WWE Divas champion Charlotte, Kane, Big Show, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt and label groups the Dudley Boyz and The New Day. Tickets extend from $20 to $115 and will be accessible at Ticketmaster outlets,, the Amalie Arena film industry, or by calling (800) 745-3000. Watch Wrestling WWE Smackdown Quick Hits Baron Corbin squashed Damien Sandow Roman Reigns confronted The Miz in the headliner Apollo Crews versus Stardust (indicate less)

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Now Notification For TS ICET Exam In 2018

We have uploaded the complete information about the TS ICET MBA/ MCA Admission 2018. Kakatiya University is conducting the Telangana State Integrated Common Entrance Test. This entrance exam provides for admission in various postgraduate courses such as MBA, MCA, and others. The candidates can get admission in the different colleges or institutes located in the Telangana state. Here you can get more information about the TS ICET Notification 2018 such as eligibility, exam date, how to fill the application form, exam pattern and others. Now candidates can start to fill TS ICET Application Form 2018. If you need to know any other information about the entrance exam then you can visit the Kakatiya University official website.

Eligibility of TS ICET 2018

The applicant should have Indian nationality and they should satisfy local or non-local status. 


The applicant should have passed three-year bachelor degree with the recognized institution. The applicant must score at least fifty percent in the examination.


The candidate needs to hold qualifies three-year bachelor degree with minimum percent and recognized institute. The candidate must study mathematics at 12th.

TSICET 2018 Exam Date

Kakatiya University has decided to conduct the entrance exam & upload the dates on their official website. The application form is available in the first week of March 2018. The last date for application form submission without the late fee is 1st week of April 2018. Date of TS ICET Exam will conduct on 3rd week of May 2018. Candidates can carry any valid proof along with the admit card.

How to apply TS ICET 2018 Application Form

The online application is available on the official website of the Kakatiya University. The candidate should apply entrance exam in online and there is no offline mode to apply entrance exam. The candidate must read the instruction carefully before applying the application form.

  • First, you can visit the official website of Kakatiya University.
  • Click application form link and then the ICET Online Form will display.
  • Now the candidate can fill the details like name, date of birth, exam center, education, category, and others.
  • You can upload the scanned document such as photograph, signature, and others.
  • Finally, you can pay the exam fee through the credit card or debit with the applicant basic details such as name, mobile number, and date of birth, email ID and others.
  • Then click on submit button and take print out of application form for future purpose

Exam Pattern of TS ICET 2018

The entrance exam will be held on the offline mode. There is no online mode of entrance exam. Objective type question will be asked in this exam. The total number of the question is two hundred available from the different category such as mathematical, analytical and communication. The duration of TSICET Exam will be two hours and thirty minutes. Candidates will be awarded one mark for each correct answer. No mark will deduct for the wrong answer.


TSICET 2018 Application, Exam Date:-

JEE Main 2018 Application Form :-

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A Conversation with CA State Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez

Please join the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Healthcare Committee for a conversation with State Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez on Wednesday, August 9th at 9:30 am at the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center auditorium. This event will be open to non-members and we will be covering topics such as healthcare reform, healthcare affordability and accessibility, and mental health. Please RSVP here ( and feel free to forward this invite to members of your network. A continental breakfast will be provided

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LACC swap meet

LACC flea market has to get a control of the street vendor it attracts on Saturday and Sunday. They pay no taxes have no sellers permit nor business license. Have no respect for the business around them. The food vendors don't follow public health code which can lead to someone getting seriously sick. In general it makes the neighborhood look bad. Help address the problem.
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HollySet Preferential Parking District

Over the last few years, with the increased popularity of the businesses on Sunset and Hollywood and expensive valet services, it has become increasingly difficult to find parking on residential streets. It is not uncommon to arrive past 9:00 PM and not find a parking spot in a 3 or 4 block radius.

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hollyset area needs to be cleared of mini skid row set up next to the hospital parking lots.

district 3 hollyset area is becoming a nightmare. i live right up the street there are drug needles hookers trash everywhere and homeless camps set up behind vons and next to the hospital parking. the area will never be able to grow if the hospital engulfs the area with parking lots that are vacant at night which leads to people camping on the curbs and setting up a mini skid row because they know they will not be bothered. It is going from bad to worse at an alarming rate and it inhibits the growth of the area which is vital in linking silver lake los feliz and east hollywood together to potentially be a great walkable area that helps extend to sunset junction and future planned businesses along sunset. if this mini skid row is allowed to continue to grow at the rate is has in the last few months its going to be even tougher to keep safe and clean down the road. the longer we wait the worse it will get the more problems cleaning up the mess.

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Please Reconsider Removing Sidewalks from The Vermont Triangle

Dear EHNC Board Members, I live two blocks from the Vermont Triangle and urge the Board to reconsider its proposal to remove the crosswalks connecting it to Prospect Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard. If the Triangle crosswalks go away, pedestrians wanting to walk from the northwest corner of Vermont/Prospect to the southwest corner of Vermont/Hollywood will have to walk 200-300 extra feet and wait for twice as many walk signals, increasing their trip by several minutes. This inconvenience will undoubtedly encourage jaywalking, creating a safety hazard for both motorists and pedestrians. Furthermore, removing the crosswalks may not even dissuade the homeless from camping in the Triangle. And even if it did, it will not remove them as a social issue, but merely displace them to another nearby location. As a nearby resident, I regularly experience and understand the blight and potential health hazards a homeless encampment engenders, but believe there are alternatives that would be less inconvenient for the dozens if not hundreds of pedestrians that walk through the Triangle daily on their way to shop, access the Metro, and go to work. Perhaps the City could fence in the majority of the Triangle, leaving a benchless sidewalk along the Vermont Avenue side, or replace the benches and plaza with less hospitable landscaping. This is similar to what exists along the Bundy Pocket Park in West LA and while homelessness is an issue there, the limited space reduces the size of encampments that form there. Thank you very much for your time,

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Where to Watch WWE Smackdown 28th April

Preview:WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns and WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz with Maryse kick off SmackDown with an in-ring segment. It ends with Miz trying to attack and Reigns launching him out of the ring John Cena, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and the other WWE superstars will be returning to Tampa when “Smackdown” is held at Amalie Arena on Jan. 26. Tickets go on sale Oct. 16 for the event, which will be held two days after the Royal Rumble pay-per view. Other stars slated to appear include Intercontinental champion Kevin Owens, WWE Divas champion Charlotte, Kane, Big Show, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt and tag teams the Dudley Boyz and The New Day. Tickets range from $20 to $115 and will be available at Ticketmaster outlets,, the Amalie Arena box office, or by calling (800) 745-3000. Watch WWE Smackdown 4/28/16 Quick Hits Baron Corbin squashed Damien Sandow Roman Reigns faced The Miz in the main event Apollo Crews vs. Stardust

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Where to Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 40 English Subbed

The Event Dragon Ball Super Episode 40 preview trailer begins with Goku in Super Saiyan Blue form looking at Hit as they hang in mid-air. Meanwhile, Beerus looks angry. Goku wonders that Hit is still not fighting at his full power. He challenges Hit to show his ultimate technique and reveals that even if he has improved, he will surpass him. Where to Watch Dragon Ball Super episode 40 English Both Goku and Hit power up to start the fight again. As they power up, the entire ring starts to shake because of the immense energy created. Towards the end of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 40 preview trailer, Goku and Hit charge towards each other. Goku is seen using Super Saiyan Blue along with Kaio-Ken to beat Hit. Will his secret technique overwhelm Hit? "The martial arts tournament against Universe 6 that wages on Earth has finally come to a stop. In an outburst of anger, Champa wants to destroy his defeated contestants. Cabba and the others are frozen in fear. At that time, the one who appeared on the ring is..." reads the description of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 40. Meanwhile, in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 39 titled "A Fully-Developed "Time-Skip" Counterattack?! Is It Coming?! Goku's New Technique!" Goku finally unveils his new technique to go up against Hit's Tokitobashi. Goku powers up in Super Saiyan Blue form but during the episode, at one point, Goku almost gets defeated. Later, Hit allows him to recover as Goku is helping him grow. Now, Hit can now time-skip to 0.2 seconds. It has to be seen if he can go beyond 0.2 seconds. During "Dragon Ball Super" episode 39, Goku combines Kaio-Ken with Super Saiyan Blue and he gets this great red and blue color. Stay tuned for the complete recap of episode 39. Watch "Dragon Ball Super" episode 40 preview trailer below. The new episode airs April 23, Sunday at 9 a.m. Japan time.

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Where to Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 38 English Subbed

Dragon Ball Super episode 38 was on this week and a lot of stuff happened. Not only does it include the fight between Vegeta vs Hit, but it also revealed the true strength of the mysterious Monaka. Where to Watch Dragon Ball Super episode 38 English Subbed Vegeta is looking to be the best fighter of the tournament so far. He’s taken out Frost, Magetta and Cabba but now he faces his toughest opponent yet. Universe 6’s Hit walks to the ring and he is no pushover. At the start of this episode, Whis explains how powerful Hit really is. The man has never failed a job in his life which means he’s been able to take out everyone he’s encountered so far. This will prove to be a big problem for Vegeta. Since Hit is so powerful, Vegeta doesn’t take him very lightly. He immediately changes to the Super Saiyan Blue form and the fight is on. A small funny note is that Monaka gets scared for some reason when Vegeta transforms. We’ll talk about Monaka a little later in this review… They have a staredown with one another that lasts a bit too long for my taste. Dragon Ball Super has been going at a fast pace so it was interesting that this staredown lasted so long. Nevertheless, Vegeta goes for the first strike and misses. The thing that makes Hit so cool is just how calm and collected he is. His speed is unmatched and he hits Vegeta in the throat like it was nothing. He tells Vegeta that he should surrender, but Vegeta is not one to quit so easily. Hit attacks Vegeta’s vital points so each of his strikes is hurting Vegeta a lot. His attacks are so precise that Vegeta is unable to defend himself. We’ve never seen a fighter like this before in Dragon Ball which is cool to see. Even when Vegeta goes for a ki blast, Hit punches him to prevent him from even trying it. Goku and Piccolo are a little worried because they cannot see Hit’s attacks. Hit is moving so fast as they have never seen someone fight like this ever. Vegeta is pretty much tired and sweaty at this point. Not to mention he’s spitting out blood too. Hit ends this fight by punching him in the gut. Hit is declared the winner! Jaco says Hit disappears just before attacking which is why it was so hard for Vegeta to see where he was striking. It’s a technique where he can skip time for a short period. The next fight is Goku vs Hit. Whis knows how to beat Hit but he’s not going to tell Goku. As part of Goku’s training, Whis wants Goku to find out how to beat Hit for himself. The most shocking revelation in this Dragon Ball Super episode is that we now know how strong Monaka really is. Well, it was revealed that Monaka is not very strong at all! Whis and Beerus lied to Vegeta and Goku about Monaka in order to motivate them to get stronger. Monaka is not a strong god like he was hyped up to be. Where also learn that Hit is over 1000 years old which is very interesting. He’s much older than most of the other fighters in the tournament.

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Clean air from tide detergent/dryer sheet fumes

How can we regulate or prevent our neighborhoods and apartments and homes from being gassed out for blocks on end with toxic fumes from tide detergent/laundry sheets? Some shoots spew right under or next to our windows. But laundry mats can be smelled for many blocks, and people can be smelled for many feet away whose clothes are washed in this toxic, stronger stuff. We are developing allergies, watery eyes etc from this toxic stuff.

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Setting up Farmers Market @ Melrose ave & Helitrope Dr.

It will be nice to have a Farmers Market events on Sunday. This location  ( Melrose ave & Heliotrope dr ) will be perfect for the event.

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East Hollywood Neighborhood, "Cleaning the Neighborhood"

A few years ago East Hollywood, has been plagged of bodyshops in the neighborhood residential areas. I mean this tipe of business is not allow on residentials, they are supposed to be on a comercial zone location. but on 1252 N. Harvard Blvd LA., CA 90029, two (2) bodyshops has been working illegally for years and nobady has told them anything. exept the lapd. go by and ask them to lower the noise. what we can do about it.

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Create a new park

You know what would make this lovely place even more lovely? A new park! Please consider it.

posted an official response

This is something the city is actively considering.

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