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Please Reconsider Removing Sidewalks from The Vermont Triangle

Dear EHNC Board Members, I live two blocks from the Vermont Triangle and urge the Board to reconsider its proposal to remove the crosswalks connecting it to Prospect Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard. If the Triangle crosswalks go away, pedestrians wanting to walk from the northwest corner of Vermont/Prospect to the southwest corner of Vermont/Hollywood will have to walk 200-300 extra feet and wait for twice as many walk signals, increasing their trip by several minutes. This inconvenience will undoubtedly encourage jaywalking, creating a safety hazard for both motorists and pedestrians. Furthermore, removing the crosswalks may not even dissuade the homeless from camping in the Triangle. And even if it did, it will not remove them as a social issue, but merely displace them to another nearby location. As a nearby resident, I regularly experience and understand the blight and potential health hazards a homeless encampment engenders, but believe there are alternatives that would be less inconvenient for the dozens if not hundreds of pedestrians that walk through the Triangle daily on their way to shop, access the Metro, and go to work. Perhaps the City could fence in the majority of the Triangle, leaving a benchless sidewalk along the Vermont Avenue side, or replace the benches and plaza with less hospitable landscaping. This is similar to what exists along the Bundy Pocket Park in West LA and while homelessness is an issue there, the limited space reduces the size of encampments that form there. Thank you very much for your time,

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