Where to Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 40 English Subbed

The Event Dragon Ball Super Episode 40 preview trailer begins with Goku in Super Saiyan Blue form looking at Hit as they hang in mid-air. Meanwhile, Beerus looks angry. Goku wonders that Hit is still not fighting at his full power. He challenges Hit to show his ultimate technique and reveals that even if he has improved, he will surpass him. Where to Watch Dragon Ball Super episode 40 English Both Goku and Hit power up to start the fight again. As they power up, the entire ring starts to shake because of the immense energy created. Towards the end of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 40 preview trailer, Goku and Hit charge towards each other. Goku is seen using Super Saiyan Blue along with Kaio-Ken to beat Hit. Will his secret technique overwhelm Hit? "The martial arts tournament against Universe 6 that wages on Earth has finally come to a stop. In an outburst of anger, Champa wants to destroy his defeated contestants. Cabba and the others are frozen in fear. At that time, the one who appeared on the ring is..." reads the description of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 40. Meanwhile, in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 39 titled "A Fully-Developed "Time-Skip" Counterattack?! Is It Coming?! Goku's New Technique!" Goku finally unveils his new technique to go up against Hit's Tokitobashi. Goku powers up in Super Saiyan Blue form but during the episode, at one point, Goku almost gets defeated. Later, Hit allows him to recover as Goku is helping him grow. Now, Hit can now time-skip to 0.2 seconds. It has to be seen if he can go beyond 0.2 seconds. During "Dragon Ball Super" episode 39, Goku combines Kaio-Ken with Super Saiyan Blue and he gets this great red and blue color. Stay tuned for the complete recap of episode 39. Watch "Dragon Ball Super" episode 40 preview trailer below. The new episode airs April 23, Sunday at 9 a.m. Japan time.

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