Governing Board

The Neighborhood Council Governing Board is made up of 18 representatives, 11 of which represent geographic regions within East Hollywood. The last seven seats include a tenant representative, property owner representative, business representative, student representative, community services representative a youth representative and an at-large representative.

The current EHNC Governing Board was elected on March 30, 2014. Vacant seats may be appointed by the Governing Board. Elections for the EHNC Governing Board are held every two years by the City of Los Angeles and all stakeholders are encouraged to consider running and to come out and vote!

East Hollywood Neighborhood Council Governing Board, 2014 - 2016 


   Tereza Yerimyan, President

    Neighborhood District 5 Representative 






   Arasele Torrez, Vice President

    Neighborhood District 9 Representative 







    Matthew Sanderson, Recording Secretary 

    Neighborhood District 4 Representative 


    Jeff Zarrinnam, Treasurer 

    Business Representative 





    Seta Panosian, Corresponding Treasurer

    Property Owner Representative






    Doug Haines

    Neighborhood District 3 Representative






    Shahan Suzmeyan

    Neighborhood District 2 Representative
    Robert Peppermuller


    Tenant Representative
    Michael Atkins, Corresponding Secretary


    Neighborhood District 11 Representative





Vacant Seats:
Neighborhood District 1 Representative
Neighborhood District 6 Representative 
Neighborhood District 8 Representative
Neighborhood District 10 Representative
At-Large Representative
Student Representative
Youth Representative

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