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  • commented on Contact 2016-08-03 07:32:32 -0700
    I live near Swansea Park apartments on N. Kingsley Dr. There are two large trees on the strip of grass between the road and sidewalk on the Kingsley side of the property where vagrants throw trash and use the bathroom. I routinely find human feces there and have actually seen people using this area to relieve themselves. I believe these problems would be greatly reduced if a street lamp was installed. I know developers are planning to build a new building on the property and wondered if this issue could be brought to their attention at the public meeting Thursday. I cannot attend otherwise I’d do it myself. I’d also like this issue to be brought to the city’s attention as ultimately it’s the city that has to install street lights. Further I’d like to express my frustration with Swansea Park for failing to clean up the trash along the grass and sidewalk that fronts their property. I have contacted them about this and I call 311 almost every week to report trash and dumping in that area.

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