• Salvador Rosales
    commented 2016-07-27 08:29:34 -0700
    There is conflicting information on location of meetings on your website.

    East Hollywood Neighborhood Council

    Governing Board Meeting

    Armenian Youth Center – 1559 N. Kenmore Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027 (Click here to view a map)


    The East Hollywood Neighborhood Council holds its monthly meeting on the third Monday of the month (Fourth Monday of the month in January and February due to public holidays) at 6:30pm. Meetings are located at Los Angeles City College in the Faculty and Staff Center, 855 N. Vermont Avenue (Click here to view a map).

    Which one is accurate?

    Thank you.
  • Rubi Chauhan
    commented 2016-04-30 00:55:52 -0700
  • Scott Crawford
    commented 2016-02-16 17:55:48 -0800
    I want to bring a motion
  • K Chambers
    commented 2015-12-18 19:19:01 -0800
  • Jason Vogel
    commented 2015-12-14 09:41:44 -0800
  • katie guastini
    commented 2015-12-07 10:39:23 -0800
    What can we do about the LACC Swap Meet?!

    Absolutely nothing has changed, and it’s getting unbearable to live in my own home on the weekends…

    Please see below for issues that happened just this past weekend. What can I do to either ensure some sort of control/reform or protest the happening. The entire other side of the block is full of residents, not one of which is happy about this swap meet that does literally nothing for our community…

    -I came back from Joshua tree on Sunday at noon. There was absolutely ZERO parking on my street due to the meet (MY BIGGEST CONCERN OTHER THAN NOISE). Aside from that, I could barely make it down the block to even check the traffic backup was so bad.

    -Man spoke on a megaphone at his booth for 2+ hours. I had to call the head of the meet to have him stop (for some reason he didnt think to have him do that on his own?!)

    -Man pushed a fruit cart up and down the block outside of the meet ALL DAY and continually making noise with his airhorn

    -Man parked outside the meet while waiting for friends unassumingly and blasted hip hop for an hour. I literally could hear every single word.

    -The ENTIRE left side of the block was full of illegal vendors. Not only are they loud, use up parking, and a general nuisance, but once again, I couldn’t walk from my car (which was two blocks away also due to the meet) without being cat called and being made extremely uncomfortable by no less than three of the vendors/attendees.

    This is not acceptable and nothing seems to be done after years of continually complaining. There are also several ordinances and laws being broken (noise, vendors, etc).

    PLEASE tell me what I can do to make this stop, or the steps being taken currently to do so.
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  • Jonathan Ayon
    commented 2015-10-30 13:01:49 -0700
    I want to add a Tree Planting Project in the Budget and Finance Agenda for November.
  • Zachary Dubnoff
    commented 2015-10-02 17:36:30 -0700
    I would like to be added to the mailing list so I can start coming to meetings.
  • Cruz Soliz
    commented 2015-09-24 16:29:15 -0700

    My name is Cruz Soliz, and I am an AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America) serving at Youth Policy Institute (YPI) here in East Hollywood. As part of my service I will be working with cohorts of young adults around a civic engagement curriculum addressing issues within the community and issues facing these youth. Moreover, we will be organizing service projects around these issues.

    On October 24th, we will be hosting a Beautification day at Lemon Grove Park in honor of National Day of Service. The event is scheduled for 9:30a- 12:30p. It consists of a general clean-up of the park and an opportunity to build community and learn about future events/happenings within the community. We would love to partner with you on this event and future events.

    For more information, please contact Cruz Soliz at 323.978.1037 or

    Thank you!
  • Leslie Lombard
    commented 2015-09-21 15:07:32 -0700
    Is there an Agenda for the meeting tonight – September 21, 2015? Can someone please send it to me?
  • Cruz Soliz
    commented 2015-09-09 12:57:09 -0700
    My name is Cruz Soliz, and I am an AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteer In Service To America) serving at Youth Policy Institute (YPI) here in East Hollywood. As part of my service I will be working with cohorts of young adults around a civic engagement curriculum. The purpose of this curriculum/course is to better prepare these youth for the workforce and/or higher education. The majority of the curriculum is focused on addressing community issues by organizing and implementing a number of community service projects.

    I am reaching out to the community- all members, organizations, businesses, and civil servants- for possible collaborations on addressing community issues, organizing community events and service projects, volunteer opportunities, and possible program participants. We have an array of opportunities to get involved. Please do not feel intimidated, any participation, at any capacity is appreciated and welcomed! Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information. My cell number is 562.746.6465 and my e-mail is I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and energy!


    Cruz Soliz

    AmeriCorps VISTA
  • tracy walker
    commented 2015-08-31 19:42:26 -0700
    Who is my Senior Lead Officer for North Catalina btw Fountain and Sunset 90027
  • katie guastini
    commented 2015-08-11 13:53:26 -0700
    I was unable to attend the meeting with the topic of the LACC swap meet, and am very vehement on the topic. I live on Marathon St and have for almost two years and it is SUCH a disturbance from 6am set up noise, to loiterers, to street vendors, to patrons taking the street parking, to the food vendors ringing their bells and horns honking. It’s as if I can’t leave my house because there will be gobs of people on the street, and I wont have a place to park at my own home when I come back. However, if I stay I am forced with the noise of a street fair essentially from 6am until clean up is complete at 8pm, TWO DAYS A WEEK. Also being my only two free days. It’s such a disturbance and honestly doesn’t even bring in that much money of provide East Hollywood with any sort of value. I’m not sure if this is the right outlet to voice my frustrations, but if not, please send me in the right direction. Thank you.
  • Ian Skorodin
    commented 2015-07-23 16:16:41 -0700

    My name is Ian Skorodin. I operate a Native American non profit organization. We are holding a NatIve American concert and Youth Talent Showcase September 12th in Hollywood. We would like to partner with the East Hollywood NC on this year’s event.

    Please let me know if I can provide any additional information.

    Ian Skorodin

    323 877 8530
  • Eric Koh
    commented 2015-07-10 11:22:18 -0700
    My name is Eric Koh representing 4150 Marathon St., a 94 unit apartment complex in the city of Los Angeles in the district of East Hollywood..

    I spoke at the July 1st, 2015 meeting at the Hollywood Hotel with respect to protest of the LACC Swamp Meet. It has had an ill effect on our street and directly on our property. Our residents are furious as well with LACC’s lack of any responsibility as it pertains to noise, cleanliness, traffic, illegal vendors, illegal parking, trespassing onto our property and other issues we have complained about in the past.

    I was wondering if the meeting we had schedule for this Sunday, July 12th, 2015 at 12:00 pm with LACC is still on. I never received a confirmation phone call as I was told. I believe the chair name was Doug Haines.

    I am unavailable the following weekend but can meet anytime next week day or night or other weekends.

    I have family obligations which I’m putting on hold and if I do not hear back by 3:00 pm today, I will assume the meeting is postponed. I’d prefer to meet another time/day if possible but either way, let me know.

    Please give me a call or email me back. Thank you.
  • Nina Sorkin
    commented 2015-06-16 23:35:33 -0700
    I would like to talk with the Council about American Cancer Society Relay For Life that will be held on August 29 within your Neighborhood Council boundaries at Helen Bernstein School.
  • Luca Loffredo
    commented 2015-06-05 12:49:21 -0700
    I am writing you to address a parking issue created by the increasing student population of Upright Citizen Brigade acting/improv school. I am a resident on Serrano Avenue between Sunset and Hollywood Blvd. Us, residents on Serrano Avenue and other streets near by, are

    dealing with a shortage of parking spaces during the hours between 3:00pm and 12;00am, the area is already saturated and parking is scarce, but since the Citizen Brigade organization one it’s doors parking during those hours is impossible. The school has parking, at $5.00 charge, but of course student prefers to park on the sides streets. I believe that a resident parking permit should be enforce in District 1 of East Hollywood.
  • Leo Ventocilla
    commented 2015-04-23 19:01:42 -0700

    I hope this time myt email is answered. I only have one question for now. What are the main requirements to be part of the EHNC?

    Thank you,

    Leo Ventocilla
  • Ani Petrosian
    commented 2015-04-21 15:26:27 -0700
    When is your next land use meeting, if any?
  • Elisabeth Larson
    commented 2015-03-26 19:49:48 -0700
    Hi! My name is Elisabeth Larson and I am a Los Angeles City College student who is hosting a movie screening of Midnight in Paris on campus. I would like to get the word out about the event since it is free and open to everyone within the community. It will be April 16th at 7:30 pm in the Student Union Amphitheater. Thanks!

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