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  • I am the director at Yucca Community Center and I would like to attend the next meeting in February to request funding for our spring event.
  • When is the next ENHC meeting?
  • Vermont Place – Homeless Encampments – Thank you for cleaning the street and working on pushing away the homeless encampments. Please do everything you can for these people not to come back as it’s been very terrible to have these people on our street…my car got broken into, I was harassed multiple times, including my visitors, there is human waste all over the plants on the sidewalk, they are using the fire hydrant to get water and the electrical pole to get power, there are drug transactions, and saw people having sex in the car. This dead end street has a large number of families wth kids and a significant number of elderly. Please please please focus on not allowing these encampments on our street. Perhaps you can work also with those businesses such as Staples and Rite Aid to finds a way to keep that back area free of these issues. Thank you
  • Just want EHNC to participate in Eggstravaganza on April 8 at Bellevue from 10-2:00 pm
  • Would like the EHNC to participate on April 8 at Bellevue Center from 10-2:00 pm at its annual Eggstravaganza

    A canopy is available for EHNC to do outreach. Many of your children and families participate in the activities at Bellevue
  • What happened to the February 2017 meeting? I’m here but no one else is.
  • Hello Friends!

    We at Reality LA, a church in Hollywood desire that all of Los Angeles have a place to celebrate Easter!

    We are also reaching out to local businesses, non-profit partners, and neighborhood councils to see if you would be interested in sharing with your clientele and community about our Easter service at The Hollywood Palladium on April 16, 9am and 12pm. Services are free and ALL are welcome to come and celebrate with us!

    We are connecting with you because we have various forms of materials that we would love for you to display if you are willing. We have business cards, post cards, posters, and social media options. We suggest an 8&1/2×11 poster for a bulletin board or window and either business cards or post cards for the taking made available on a counter space.

    We are still in the design process for all of our materials so I am unable to send you an example at this time. The main headline with be: “Easter at The Hollywood Palladium” This will be followed with “hosted by Reality LA” and list address and service times.

    Please let me know if you are interested and willing to display any of our Easter invitation materials at your place of business by Wednesday, March 1, 2017. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

    God Bless!

    Sarah Frank | Missions Director

    Reality LA | 323.883.1812 |

    6535 Santa Monica Blvd | Los Angeles CA 90038
  • Please send me a copy of your funding request form
  • I would like to attend the public meetings and get involve in community
  • I’m trying to reach Doug Haines for a possible interview. I’m with KCRW radio.
  • We would like to be placed on your next agenda in December to present a planning case.
  • Leftover trash is being left behind, outside of Los Angeles City College entrance over the days that it has accumulated into a big pile of litter. What can you do about that? Who else should I contact on this situation?
  • May I please have the tentative agenda for the upcoming General Meeting? Thank you!
  • I wanted to make a suggestion in regards to the Vermont Triangle issue. I want to suggest that everyone consider returning the site back to the original concept of a rose garden. Of course, this time it would need to be properly irrigated and maintained on a regular basis. It would be an object of great beauty if properly planned and taken care of and would reduce the issue of the homeless living there as no one wants to sleep or live on a rose bush. Of course, great effort would have to be taken to try to get housing and help for the homeless currently on the site including drug and mental health help.
  • My name is Matthew Zavala and I am an MSW student at USC. I am writing a community Immersion Paper on East Hollywood. I would like to know more about outreach effort to the community and the challenges in getting community members involved in decision making.

    I am interested in how East Hollywood Neighborhood Council influences City policy. How is the relationship you have with Council member Mitch O’Farrell and the District 13 office, Mayor Garcetti and any other policy makers and how East Hollywood Neighborhood council influences policy that affects the community.

    I am also interested in what the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council sees as the strengths, weaknesses, and challenges that the community faces.

    Matthew Zavala

  • Hello,

    I am a professor at Northeastern University in Boston currently investigating noise and the urban soundscape in Los Angeles. I am writing to inquire whether noise issues have been discussed by the neighborhood council and whether noise pollution is perceived as a concern in East Hollywood. If yes, I would be happy about the opportunity to learn more about the nature of these concerns from a resident or council member. I am happy to talk on phone, but will be also in LA next week Wednesday- Saturday.

    All the best,

    Dietmar Offenhuber
  • I live near Swansea Park apartments on N. Kingsley Dr. There are two large trees on the strip of grass between the road and sidewalk on the Kingsley side of the property where vagrants throw trash and use the bathroom. I routinely find human feces there and have actually seen people using this area to relieve themselves. I believe these problems would be greatly reduced if a street lamp was installed. I know developers are planning to build a new building on the property and wondered if this issue could be brought to their attention at the public meeting Thursday. I cannot attend otherwise I’d do it myself. I’d also like this issue to be brought to the city’s attention as ultimately it’s the city that has to install street lights. Further I’d like to express my frustration with Swansea Park for failing to clean up the trash along the grass and sidewalk that fronts their property. I have contacted them about this and I call 311 almost every week to report trash and dumping in that area.
  • There is conflicting information on location of meetings on your website.

    East Hollywood Neighborhood Council

    Governing Board Meeting

    Armenian Youth Center – 1559 N. Kenmore Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027 (Click here to view a map)


    The East Hollywood Neighborhood Council holds its monthly meeting on the third Monday of the month (Fourth Monday of the month in January and February due to public holidays) at 6:30pm. Meetings are located at Los Angeles City College in the Faculty and Staff Center, 855 N. Vermont Avenue (Click here to view a map).

    Which one is accurate?

    Thank you.
  • I want to bring a motion
  • What can we do about the LACC Swap Meet?!

    Absolutely nothing has changed, and it’s getting unbearable to live in my own home on the weekends…

    Please see below for issues that happened just this past weekend. What can I do to either ensure some sort of control/reform or protest the happening. The entire other side of the block is full of residents, not one of which is happy about this swap meet that does literally nothing for our community…

    -I came back from Joshua tree on Sunday at noon. There was absolutely ZERO parking on my street due to the meet (MY BIGGEST CONCERN OTHER THAN NOISE). Aside from that, I could barely make it down the block to even check the traffic backup was so bad.

    -Man spoke on a megaphone at his booth for 2+ hours. I had to call the head of the meet to have him stop (for some reason he didnt think to have him do that on his own?!)

    -Man pushed a fruit cart up and down the block outside of the meet ALL DAY and continually making noise with his airhorn

    -Man parked outside the meet while waiting for friends unassumingly and blasted hip hop for an hour. I literally could hear every single word.

    -The ENTIRE left side of the block was full of illegal vendors. Not only are they loud, use up parking, and a general nuisance, but once again, I couldn’t walk from my car (which was two blocks away also due to the meet) without being cat called and being made extremely uncomfortable by no less than three of the vendors/attendees.

    This is not acceptable and nothing seems to be done after years of continually complaining. There are also several ordinances and laws being broken (noise, vendors, etc).

    PLEASE tell me what I can do to make this stop, or the steps being taken currently to do so.
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  • I want to add a Tree Planting Project in the Budget and Finance Agenda for November.
  • I would like to be added to the mailing list so I can start coming to meetings.
  • Hello,

    My name is Cruz Soliz, and I am an AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America) serving at Youth Policy Institute (YPI) here in East Hollywood. As part of my service I will be working with cohorts of young adults around a civic engagement curriculum addressing issues within the community and issues facing these youth. Moreover, we will be organizing service projects around these issues.

    On October 24th, we will be hosting a Beautification day at Lemon Grove Park in honor of National Day of Service. The event is scheduled for 9:30a- 12:30p. It consists of a general clean-up of the park and an opportunity to build community and learn about future events/happenings within the community. We would love to partner with you on this event and future events.

    For more information, please contact Cruz Soliz at 323.978.1037 or

    Thank you!
  • Is there an Agenda for the meeting tonight – September 21, 2015? Can someone please send it to me?