All agendas for our meetings are posted at least 72 hours prior to a meeting, with the exception of “special meetings” per the Brown Act. In addition we attempt to keep all of our meeting agendas accessible to all who can access them online. Here are current agendas for your reference; whether you are planning on attending meeting, check in to see what we are addressing at meetings, or wish to see if something you would like addressed has made the agenda.

All files are in Adobe PDF format.




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EHNC Monthly Meeting Agendas Archive, by year:
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Help us spread the word! Download and print out our agenda and meeting flyers to distribute to your neighbors and post at local establishments.

Help us cut down on money, time, and litter! Feel free to also email them to anyone who you think might have interest in what is being addressed at these meetings.

Monthly Meetings
January and February
The fourth (4th) Monday of the month
March through December
The third (3rd) Monday of the month

Committee Meetings (listed below)
Arts & Culture
Budget & Finance
Business and Economic Development
Community Health
Internet Technology
Planning and Entitlements Review
Public Safety
Youth & Education

Council Process
Everyone who lives, works, owns property, attends school, is a member of a faith organization, or works in a non-profit organization that provides services within the boundaries of the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council is a “stakeholder”. All stakeholders are members of the Council.

Stakeholders elect a Governing Board to represent them. This Board is recognized as the decision-making entity by the City of Los Angeles and was first elected on October 30, 2007. While the Board is an official decision-making entity, meetings are conducted as much as possible in a town hall format. Committees are open to anyone with an interest in East Hollywood. The East Hollywood Neighborhood Council depends on the active public participation of its diverse, dynamic and unique community for its success.

Posting Sites
Meeting notices and agendas are posted at five locations within East Hollywood (three days in advance for regular meetings and one day in advance for special meetings).

The posting sites are currently*:
(1) Cahuenga Branch Library, 4591 Santa Monica Blvd.
(2) Scoops Ice Cream, 714 N. Heliotrope Drive
(3) Starbuck’s Coffee, 5453 Hollywood Blvd. #D
(4) Robek’s Juice, 1528 N. Vermont Ave.

*If you have a suggestion for a new posting place please let us know.

You can receive notices and agendas by e-mail. Please send your request, with your name and telephone number, to ehnc (at)
Organized by the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council
P.O. Box 292359, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Fine Print On All Agendas
Public comments on agenda items will be heard when the item is considered. Public comments on other matters within the council’s jurisdiction may be made during the Public Comment period. Public comments are limited to two minutes per speaker. Action may be taken on any agenda item except Public Comment, announcements and reports. Actions may be reconsidered only if a motion for reconsideration is adopted at the same meeting where the action was taken. You may request a copy of printed materials that are distributed at the meeting. You may record the meeting by audio, video or photographic means as long as it is not disruptive. Meeting notices and agendas are posted at various locations (see list below). If you need translation, or accommodation for a disability, please call the city Department of Neighborhood Empowerment at least three business days in advance (213-485-1360), or toll-free 3-1-1). The city is a covered entity under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you believe the council is not following the law or its own rules you may file a grievance in writing with copies to both the Chair and the Secretary. Please be respectful of others, even when you differ with them.

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