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  • commented on Contact 2015-12-07 10:39:23 -0800
    What can we do about the LACC Swap Meet?!

    Absolutely nothing has changed, and it’s getting unbearable to live in my own home on the weekends…

    Please see below for issues that happened just this past weekend. What can I do to either ensure some sort of control/reform or protest the happening. The entire other side of the block is full of residents, not one of which is happy about this swap meet that does literally nothing for our community…

    -I came back from Joshua tree on Sunday at noon. There was absolutely ZERO parking on my street due to the meet (MY BIGGEST CONCERN OTHER THAN NOISE). Aside from that, I could barely make it down the block to even check the traffic backup was so bad.

    -Man spoke on a megaphone at his booth for 2+ hours. I had to call the head of the meet to have him stop (for some reason he didnt think to have him do that on his own?!)

    -Man pushed a fruit cart up and down the block outside of the meet ALL DAY and continually making noise with his airhorn

    -Man parked outside the meet while waiting for friends unassumingly and blasted hip hop for an hour. I literally could hear every single word.

    -The ENTIRE left side of the block was full of illegal vendors. Not only are they loud, use up parking, and a general nuisance, but once again, I couldn’t walk from my car (which was two blocks away also due to the meet) without being cat called and being made extremely uncomfortable by no less than three of the vendors/attendees.

    This is not acceptable and nothing seems to be done after years of continually complaining. There are also several ordinances and laws being broken (noise, vendors, etc).

    PLEASE tell me what I can do to make this stop, or the steps being taken currently to do so.

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