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    My name is Eric Koh representing 4150 Marathon St., a 94 unit apartment complex in the city of Los Angeles in the district of East Hollywood..

    I spoke at the July 1st, 2015 meeting at the Hollywood Hotel with respect to protest of the LACC Swamp Meet. It has had an ill effect on our street and directly on our property. Our residents are furious as well with LACC’s lack of any responsibility as it pertains to noise, cleanliness, traffic, illegal vendors, illegal parking, trespassing onto our property and other issues we have complained about in the past.

    I was wondering if the meeting we had schedule for this Sunday, July 12th, 2015 at 12:00 pm with LACC is still on. I never received a confirmation phone call as I was told. I believe the chair name was Doug Haines.

    I am unavailable the following weekend but can meet anytime next week day or night or other weekends.

    I have family obligations which I’m putting on hold and if I do not hear back by 3:00 pm today, I will assume the meeting is postponed. I’d prefer to meet another time/day if possible but either way, let me know.

    Please give me a call or email me back. Thank you.

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