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    Hi, It’s Sheila Irani from HUNC. I tried to email Bob of Indigent Services but neither the link isn’t working, nor is the page listing the district reps. I left a VM as well.

    I have created a laundry voucher program and brought portable showers to Adventist Church for the homeless in Hollywood with HUNC funding and am in the need to cross pollinate with other neighboring NCs to keep these programs going, since they essentially serve “OUR” NCs homeless populations, including those that go to Mother of Good Council for Saturday meals.

    My question is where do I go next to request funding? Was not sure if I should go to a committee or if I can get on the Board agenda to explain the programs HUNC has funded and make a request for the Board to consider the menu of services and come up with a budget to continue these valuable programs. Thanks for your consideration. My phone is 323-793-7868.

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