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    SELAH Saturday Supper Continues

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    Welcome new board members!
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    The East Hollywood 2019 Elections will be held March 31, 2019.  Candidate filing closed on 1/15/19. 

    COME OUT AND VOTE ON MARCH 31, 2019. 10am-4pm.
    Armenian Cultural Foundation, Main Room
    1559 N. Kenmore Avenue., Los Angeles, CA 90027

    (Stakeholder verification is by Self-Affirmation)


    District 1: (1 seat)

    Jerod Fish: (No Candidate Statement)

    Daniel Strongman: I am Daniel Strongman and I am running for Thai Town Representative. I have been a resident of this district for almost nine years. I work as an Administrative Coordinator and I am a student at Los Angeles City College where I study Political Science. In my time living here, I have seen the changes that gentrification has had in our district. Our rents have continued to rise, yet public safety continues to be an issue. Frequently, I see our streets littered with hypodermic needles and new homeless encampments popping up. Our neighborhood needs an advocate who will bring homelessness and drug-rehabilitation services into our community to improve safety for our families and those that are affected by homelessness and drugs. As your Neighborhood Representative, I will treat each of you with dignity, respect and I will make sure that your voices are heard. I am a proud resident of this district and it’s my hope that we can create a safer community. I hope I can count on your support.

    District 2: (1 seat)

    No candidates

    District 3: (1 seat)

    Rogelio Pardo: I am running to strengthen the connections between residents of East Hollywood and our growing community. As an urban planner with a background in advocacy, my profession has led me to bridge the gap between local concerns and feasible solutions via community engagement and partnership building. I am excited about the opportunity to apply my experience locally for our community’s benefit! Over the past 3 years, my partner and I have witnessed the rapid changes in our community – and hope to learn from what longer-term residents have seen. As a resident, and candidate for East Hollywood’s Neighborhood Council, I believe that I can contribute most by advocating for: - representation of neighborhood concerns - review of new projects to bring affordable housing and other local benefits - services to help the growing homeless community and policies to reduce displacement I hope for your vote and the opportunity to apply my expertise to advocate for all members of our community.

    District 4: (1 seat)

    Tayler Lorence: Hello! My name is Tayler Lorence and I am running for election as East Hollywood Neighborhood Council District 4 representative. I am currently an emergency manager with the City of Los Angeles. I work hard to ensure equity and inclusion in the work that I do, and I want to work hard for the people of my neighborhood as well. If elected as District 4 representative, I will put my time, energy, and resources into understanding what the local community needs. What sort of lives do the people of Little Armenia lead? What sort of lives do they want to lead? These questions may seem abstract and philosophical, but they also give us a foundation on which to build. If elected, I will address common community issues and concerns. I will fight for a cleaner, safer, more equitable Little Armenia, and I will join forces with neighbors when the fight is big. In short, I will represent the people of District 4 - "making a little corner better is the most valuable thing you can do." Thank you!

    Gesselly Marroquin: I have lived in Little Armenia since I was 3 years old. Little Armenia has always and will always be “home” but instead of simply living in district 4, I want to give back to the community that has given me everything. I have grown up walking its streets, attended its schools, witnessed the removal of “Vermonica” and still remember when Staples used to be Hollytron. Many of our neighbors are former classmates, co-workers, or friends and we have witnessed the many changes in our community in recent years. Just like the community is changing, so are the needs of our neighbors. If elected as District 4 representative, I will focus on understanding and putting the needs of our neighbors first. I will work hard to make lasting connections with our neighbors and address the many issues and concerns we already discuss amongst ourselves by putting those issues front-and-center and giving my neighbors a stronger voice. Thank you.

    District 5: (1 seat)

    No Candidates

    District 6:  (1 seat)

    Kathryn Caudill: As a new resident, it's impossible not to notice the changing dynamics of this area of the city. As a member of the neighborhood council, it's important to me that all voices are able to be heard. In my time here, issues that have stood out to me that I would like to address on the council are property damage, parking availability, and dog management. Using my previous experience as an attorney and public health professional, I hope to effectively and accurately represent my neighbors. Thank you!

    Bianca M. Moran: Hello! My name is Bianca, and I live here in Virgil Village. I was born here in LA and raised both here and in the Bay Area. I am a former teacher and taught here in LA for about 10 years. Prior to that, I attended UC Berkeley and received my BA in Political Science. I also have a Master's degree in Education and am pursuing another Master's Degree now at USC. I am a single mom as well. I would like to represent the neighborhood council and advocate for social justice issues. I also bi-lingual and speak Spanish. I think it is important that we communicate and advocate for all members of our community. I really look forward to having important conversations and pushing our neighborhood forward.

    Trey McCurley: I am an actor and I've lived in VV for six years. There is a huge parking problem and the city shovels out parking tickets to residents at extreme prices. Why is a ticket not $25 if payed within 48 hours? We need to discuss implementing permit-parking due to our growing community and the college. Let's encourage collaboration between our high school/college art students and our businesses in a beautification effort and color the community with murals by local student artists. We have several metro stops in our community. Let's have an art walk once-a-month in an effort to increase tourism and bring money to local businesses. Let's build a skate park for our kids so they have a place to skate other than our over-crowded and often dangerous roads. Let's access one of our parks and bring a weekly summer concert series to the community. Let's address the homelessness and the trash. I want to know in what way the council is addressing these issues, and what issues are being addressed?

    Nabeel Afsar: As a resident for nearly 5 years, I've seen our neighborhood change in many ways, and I want to help keep East Hollywood a diverse and exciting place to live and work. I'm eager to represent our community as we face the challenges of gentrification, rising rent, and homelessness. As a small business owner myself, I'm excited to support the many locally-owned businesses thriving in Virgil Village. As a person of color, I support the many diverse cultures that make up our melting pot community. And as an expecting father, I want to insure our neighborhood continues to be a safe, fun place for families. My experience in wellness and meditation makes me a compassionate listener, an articulate communicator, and a diligent worker ready to represent my community. Thank you for your support!

    Arasele Torrez Jimenez: Since 1999, I've grown up in Virgil Village from age 9, now 28. I've served our neighborhood council board(EHNC) since 2012, as Student Rep., Virgil Village North Rep., and Virgil Village Rep. since May 2016. B.A.: Political Science & Chicano/a Studies, minor: Community Development from UC Davis. Masters: Public Administration from CSUN. A.A./certificate: Paralegal Studies from LACC. Served as Board's Secretary, VP, & Board President since Feb. 2017. Been member/co-chair of committees: Youth & Education, Outreach, Elections, Budget & Finance, By-laws, Public Safety, Community Health and Business. Work with community residents, non-profit organizations, elected representatives, LAPD, and other stakeholders. Use MyLA311. Done outreach at community events. I led our Educational Town Halls with our LAUSD School Board Member and Immigration forum, public safety meetings/translated, our clean-ups, and attended 6 Congress of Neighborhood Councils. I want to help tenants like myself!

    Indigent Services Representative: (1 seat)

    Bob Peppermuller: Over the past several years I have been championing the homeless. The biggest misconception is that all the homeless are bad and as a consequent it is difficult to get the ones who seek help the help they need. I believe in Housing First as a first step in addressing a homeless person's situation.

    Public Safety Representative: (1 seat)


    Shahan Suzmeyan: My name is Shahan Suzmeyan and I am running for the office of East Hollywood Neighborhood Council Public Safety representative. I am the current office holder for and during the last few years have been involved in animal rescue, graffiti removal, noise reduction and quality of life initiatives in the district. If elected again, I will put my resources into getting rid of potholes and graffiti, secure funding to clean the streets, reduce crime and improve the quality of life in East Hollywood.

    Arts & Culture Representative: (1 seat)


    Daniel Mancini: My name is Daniel S. Mancini. I am a longtime East Hollywood resident, creative activist and neighborhood arts advocate. I am a Culture and Nightlife Director in the city of LA with over 18 years in the fields of Club nightlife, Hotel hospitality and special event management. As the Neighborhood Council's Arts & Culture Representative I not only wish to celebrate East Hollywoods many cultures and the independent creatives of my longtime neighbors and colleagues but also educate the greater city of LA about just what an incredibly special and deserving area of this multi-faceted city we reside flourish and take daily pride in.

    Lynn Fountain Campbell: As a salon owner and current Arts & Culture Representative, I am committed to helping local artists share their work with a wider audience and to use the arts for positive change in East Hollywood. To this end, I have begun compiling an artists’ directory and list of resources they can use to expand their audiences and gain increased exposure for their work. I am also working on getting Virgil Village First Fridays ready to relaunch in the spring. I hope to continue doing so, if elected, and I welcome community participation in the Arts & Culture Committee. I have been involved in East Hollywood since 1978 and have owned my salon here since 1993. My educational background is in textile arts and in the artistry of hair and makeup. I have also served on the board of Los Angeles Choreographers and Dancers, a non-profit organization that serves schools in the community.

    Community Services Representative (Non-Profit):  (1 seat)


    Faye Altobar: I've served as the Director of Operations for Visionary Youth Center (VYC) since 2013. VYC serves youth and their families in East Hollywood. I've also served as co-chair for the Youth and Education Committee for East Neighborhood Council since 2015.

    Tenant Representative: (1 seat)


    Barbara Wood: (No candidate statement)

    Gabriel R. Salazar: As a resident of East Hollywood for over the last four years, I am proud of the neighborhood and community where I live. Our neighborhood has undergone significant change in recent years, of concern to me are: increasing rental costs, displacement of folks, effective economic development, smart land-use policies, and greater public participation. My motivation to "run" for this seat is to be an advocate of tenants and folks in my community. The NC is a great way to become involved in the community and to work towards a two-street with our local government of clear communication. Also important to me, is to encourage and facilitate more education and awareness in my community about how local government works and relay critical information, such as resources, like neighborhood clean-ups, to fellow EH residents. I hope to have the privilege to represent folks in this community to the Neighborhood Council and encourage greater civic engagement to create a more better East Hollywood.

    Doug Haines: As a community member since 1989 I am a vocal advocate for the preservation of single family homes, affordable rent-controlled housing, and stable safe communities. As a preservationist I led the effort to save the Cineramadome theater. As a continuing member of the neighborhood council I would make your concerns my first priority and come to your door to hear your complaints. 

    To protect your neighborhood and preserve affordable housing, vote for Doug Haines. 

    Property Owner Representative: (1 seat)

    Jillian Schultz: Hi neighbors! I've been living in East Hollywood for four years and as a new property owner, I'm looking forward to calling it home for the longterm. I'm a car-free Angeleno who walks/bikes/rides public transit and I'm committed to patronizing local businesses whenever possible. I am dedicated to working collaboratively to ensure that equity and compassion are represented both on our streets and in our rental agreements. I am a creative professional who is passionate about the potential for art as a catalyst for exchange, fostering greater mutual understanding across cultures and within communities. Most of my work involves using art to advance social justice causes. In collaboration with local artists and cultural orgs, I aspire to start an international artist residency program in East Hollywood in the coming years. I am eager to work alongside fellow council members to help maintain the vibrance, connectivity, and community that makes our magical neighborhood what it is.

    Business Representative: (1 seat)

    Jeff Zarrinnam: Jeff is a native of East Hollywood and has been the President and CEO of the Hollywood Hotel on Vermont for the past 25+ years. On the EHNC board for over 5+ years and is the EHNC Business Representative, The Treasurer, Chairs the Planning Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee and Chairs the Business Committee. Jeff is the founder and past Chair of the East Hollywood Business Improvement District and a member on the Board of Governors. Jeff is the Steering Committee Chair for the Hollywood Route 66 Business Improvement District and the Hollywood Western Business Improvement District. Jeff is a member of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (HCOC) for 30+ years, a member of the board of directors and the HCOC Executive committee, a past chair and Chair of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Community Foundation. In addition, Jeff is a board member on the Los Angeles City College Foundation and a member of the Executive Committee. His Mantra is Service Above Self. Thanks for your Vote!

    Student Representative: (1 seat)

    Anwar Torres: In the time Attending school at LACC I've noticed a disconnect between the NC and the schools within it's perimeters. I intend to establish or re-establish relationships between the community and the schools our children and loved ones attend. Opening dialog and establishing networks, I feel can help in pulling our resources together to move our community forward.

    Community Services Representative (Faith Based): (1 seat)

    Carlos O. Delgado: I am seeking a seat in the EHNC to bring a "faith based" perspective in an objective manner along with the other board members to create a higher state of harmony to the constituents of the East Hollywood Area. I have been an employee and member of Self-Realization Fellowship in Hollywood for 10 years. There we practice forms of meditation and volunteer to serve others in both our temple and the community. We have been working with and supporting other nonprofits and LAPD to help our local area, as we believe that all have the spark of the Infinite Spirit within. I look forward to the opportunity to humbly and truthfully serve in finding solutions to help our community that needs the participation of it's people in order to attain a better way of life. I seek nothing for myself or my organization. I seek to make this neighborhood a place where harmony reigns and a conscious presence of mind and heart to strive for the common good of the people as a whole is the prime objective.

    Youth Representative: (1 seat)

    No candidates

    At-Large Representative: (2 seats)

    Kyle Gregory: Hello Friends, I'm running to be an at-large representative on the EHNC because I'm an ordinary neighbor like you. I'm a renter in Virgil Village with a 9 to 5 (union, thank goodness) job. I'm not a business owner, developer or landlord. I want East Hollywood to continue to be a nice place to live. I want it to continue to be an affordable neighborhood for working class families. I want to preserve the many diverse, longstanding cultures and traditions that make our neighborhood unique. I've watched as Virgil Village in particular has changed rapidly over the past few years - and those changes are only going to accelerate due to our proximity to the Vermont/Santa Monica Red Line stop. As we weigh the affects of those coming changes, my goal is to represent the interests of our community - with an emphasis on renters, unhoused and immigrants. Sorry business owners, y'all have enough people representing you, but I promise to be nice if y'all are.

    Nina Suarez: I’m Nina Suarez and I’m running as your compassionate at-large representative for the EHNC. I have served as the District 5 College Village representative since July 2017. As a board member, I have supported the community and created opportunities by advocating for over $12,000 in neighborhood purpose grants to sponsor soup kitchens, resource guides, and the Barnsdall Arts Program. I have helped organize an earthquake preparedness session and street cleanups and I have done outreach at events like Virgil Village First Fridays, Shakespeare in the Park, and the St. Vincent de Paul Hot Lunch. My volunteerism and involvement demonstrates my commitment to community service. As a lifelong resident of East Hollywood, I am a knowledgeable advocate for the neighborhood. As the at-large representative, I pledge to represent everyone in our community, from youth to the elderly, from homeless to housed, from immigrants to lifelong East Hollywood residents.

    Carey Adkins: My name is Carey Adkins. I have a wide-ranging work history of advocating for underrepresented groups and collaborating with organizations. As a field manager for a nonprofit organization, I raised money to protect state parks with grassroots canvasing. I assisted military families with their financial needs. Currently, I work to improve care for uninsured patients. I have a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and am working on my master’s degree in Data Science. As a military veteran family, my wife and I are excited to be part of our growing neighborhood. I believe our community has the power to do good work. With my diverse background, I will be an advocate for everyone in East Hollywood. My unique experience working with local government and other partners along with my deep knowledge of policy makes me a great choice for representative to EHNC.


    Map of Districts:


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    NPG Application Process

    NPG (Neighborhood Purpose Grant)

    A Neighborhood Council can allocate a portion of its annual budget to grant funds to qualifying local non-profits and public schools. A Neighborhood Purpose Grant must provide a benefit to the East Hollywood NC community

    1. Please email application to ehnc@easthollywood.net

    2. Please email Arasele to be added to agenda for next board meeting @ araseletorrez@easthollywood.net

    3. For your application to be considered, please describe how these funds would benefit East Hollywood. Does the project impact East Hollywood directly?

    Application and additional Neighborhood Purposes Grant Documents

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